Some Mysterious Old Links

Here’s some other destinations on the internet we recommend!

Tune in to the Down These Mean Streets podcast every Sunday for another adventure of one of old time radio’s best detectives. Hear sleuths like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Johnny Dollar, and more along with the behind-the-scenes stories of their shows.

Escape and Suspense! Vintage Radio is a website specializing in the study of individual episodes from these two of the most popular anthology series from the golden age of radio.

Here’s a phenomenal archive of classic Old Time Radio broadcasts!

You can purchase collections of shows at the  Old Time Radio Catalog!

Check out Joshua’s podcast about Dr. Who, Get Off My World! Three guys and the occasional guest who love the classic Doctor Who series and try their best to love the new series too. Twice a month they take you through five rounds rapid and get to the bottom of what’s great, and what’s not so great, about their favorite show.

Treat yourself to Shade’s Brigade, created and written by Eric! It’s an original radio adventure/thriller in the style of the golden age of radio. Shade’s Brigade is performed live on stage with four actors playing multiple characters and producing all the sound effects. Past episodes are available for online listening.